Stage 55 True Diversity Wireless System (w/KB Plus Pack)

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Affordable Wireless Solution that can be coupled with most analog microphones - The Samson Stage 55 Wireless System with headset microphone gives you impressive sound quality, reliable performance, and road-ready durability at an amazingly low price! Whether you're using it for speech recognition, speaking engagements, stage work, or other applications that require your hands to be free.
Price: $129.99
Stage 55 True Diversity Wireless System (w/KB Plus Pack)
Product Details
Stage 55 True Diversity
Accuracy: 9.6
Noise Filtering: 7
Comfort: 8
Overall: 7
Pros: Affordable wireless solution low-profile microphone/accepts any analog microphone
Cons: Belt pack transmitter requiring a wire to the headset/battery difficult to replace/no rechargeable battery option

With the Stage 55 Wireless System you get incredible reception, crystal clear sound in a VHF system priced to bring the freedom of wireless to everyone.
The SR55 receiver makes true diversity wireless technology available to everyone. This "diversity" design houses two antennas and a receiver circuit in a single chassis. The advanced circuit design continuously scans RF signals from the two antennas and determines which one has the clearest and strongest reception, automatically (and silently) switching that signal to the receiver. The SR55 features variable squelch, six-segment LED RF level and audio level metering, dual front mounted antennas and XLR and 1/4" outputs.
The ST5 beltpack features a SE10T earset and cable to plug in an wear on-the-go. It operates flawlessly for 10 hours with one 9-Volt battery. Includes battery level meter.

Besides featuring an incredibly low price, another Stage 55 advantage is its ability to turn almost any analog headset microphone, like the KnowBrainer Hands-free or Audio-Technica Pro 8HEmW into a wireless microphone. 


See our Microphone Comparison Chart for more details regarding microphone performance.


The following PDF links include pictorial step-by-step audio setup guides. Click the appropriate link/s to download a complimentary Microphone Installation Guide


Audio Setup Guide for Dragon NaturallySpeaking


Audio Setup Guide for WSR

Audio Setup Guide for DragonDictate 

KnowBrainer Exclusive PLUS PACK includes:

"KnowBrainer" Step-by-Step User Guide

Thickly padded neoprene zippered headset bag

IMMEDIATE support solutions from KNOWLEDGEABLE KB team (We won't blow you off or force you call the manufacturer)

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