Wired Headset Microphones

KnowBrainer Inc. offers a vast assortment of headset choices, as well as specialty microphones to fit a wide range of professional, personal and environmental needs. Our professional staff has tested every make and model of microphone on the KnowBrainer website.

When it comes to speech recognition, manufacturer included OEM and over-the-counter gaming/VoIP consumer grade microphones are all considered to be less than optimal. Integrated soundcards and over-the-counter microphones are the primary contributors to substandard accuracy and slow performance. If speech recognition plays an important role in your workflow, don't settle for consumer grade quality.


We have been researching, testing and developing speech recognition microphones since 1993 and offer more microphone choices than any other speech recognition microphone reseller. 


Please also note that when it comes to speech recognition, the soundcard is just as important as your microphone. Some microphones include a USB soundcard but most don't. After you click the yellow customize button you'll see a highlighted option to add a USB Soundcard to your purchase, if your microphone doesn't automatically include a USB adapter. Using a speech recognition microphone without a USB soundcard is roughly equivalent to putting bicycle tires on a racecar.

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