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"I have committed the entire operation of my practice to voice recognition technology. If it fails, my practice would fail.  I use it for face-to-face transcription with patients in their rooms or in therapy in rehabilitation facilities. I often will repeat back their answers into my notes in front of them.  
I take my telephone messages from my answering service, by repeating back the information into my message board while I am on the telephone. 
I don't like the EMRs I have seen, so I have written all of my own templates.  This involves a highly sophisticated system of file naming that is impossible with anything other than voice-recognition technology.  A total commitment to voice-recognition technology for a medical practice like mine is similar to driving a Formula 1 racing car. 
I prefer having Lunis Orcutt and KnowBrainer as my pit crew, rather than an outfit that resembles more the Marx Brothers."  

Most sincerely, 
John P. Casey M.D.


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