Dragon & DMPE Training / Installation Manual - Download ONLY! $20

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Dragon 12, 13, 14, 15 or DMPE2.3.1, DMPE4.3 Training / Installation Manual - Download Plus More...
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Dragon & DMPE Training / Installation Manual - Download ONLY! $20
Dragon & DMPE Training / Installation Manual - Download ONLY! $20
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If you're already a KnowBrainer customer and have lost your manual send us an email for a free replacement.

Dragon / Dragon Medical Installation / Training Manual PDF, complimentary lifetime Dragon downloads and our exclusive toolbox.

Are you exhausted from trying to properly install your software, could you use a little help?

Our Exclusive Installation and Training guide for Dragon DPI/DLI/DPG/DLG/DLE/DMPE and KnowBrainer Command utility. The KnowBrainer manual is designed to first get you up and running in a timely manner whether you're a computer expert or a novice. The KnowBrainer manual is full of helpful pictures that'll guide you along with confidence in your installation process. There are sometimes pitfalls when installing Dragon but the KnowBrainer manual will help you to avoid these problems as well as sharing some best practices. Once Installation is completed you can take advantage of intermediate through advanced training. KnowBrainer now includes a new Quickstart. 
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