KnowBrainer Zippered Headset Microphone Bag

SKU: KB0600161
Perfect bag that offers high degree of protection for your microphone
Price: $9.00
KnowBrainer Zippered Headset Microphone Bag
Product Details
KnowBrainer Neoprene Zippered Headset Microphone Bags
KnowBrainer now offers a neoprene zippered 8" X 9" microphone bag which is the same material used in scuba diving suits! Our new thickly padded bag offers a higher degree of protection than the plain nylon/vinyl drawstring bags. Your microphone is a valuable asset to you, so you should protect it with the best materials.
KnowBrainer exclusive that you won't find anywhere else! This bag is now being offered FREE with nearly every microphone, soundcard and software on the KnowBrainer website.
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