KnowBrainer Speech recognition Forum (Free)

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The World's #1 most popular speech recognition forum for 17+ years
KnowBrainer Speech recognition Forum (Free)
KnowBrainer Speech recognition Forum (Free)
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Access our free user technical support forum at:
  1. We host the worlds #1 NaturallySpeaking Technical Support Forum 
  2. We created the worlds #1 selling 3rd party command software, KnowBrainer .
  3. To start, we include 30 days free technical support on all software products purchased from us.
  4. When you call us, you speak with a software developer who has over 13 years experience in Advanced-Scripting Command writing and technical support. (Most often, Advanced?Scripting Commands are the reason for purchasing the professional version of NaturallySpeaking.)
  5. Virtual on-site technical support, always available to you, allows us to physically see your computer problem from our computer, via GoToMeeting.
  6. There is generally no wait time for KnowBrainer telephone technical support. However, if we are busy with another client, we will immediately answer, and arrange to promptly return, your call.
  7. KnowBrainer e-mail technical support usually takes less than 24 hours.
  8. We receive many Legal, Medical, Professional and Disabled Community Endorsements. We also created the worlds #1 selling 3rd party Medical and Legal Vocabularies.
  9. KNOWBRAINER ENDURES. We have continued to develop KnowBrainer commands and to provide the finest level of technical support to our clients
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