ANC 750 KB Headset Microphone

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Analog PC Headset with Andrea Patented Active Noise Cancellation Microphone Technology. Andrea Electronics' headset products and technologies enable more accurate and reliable communication as well as high performance speech recognition in noisy office environments.
Price: $79.00
Discontinued. We recommend the Addasound Crystal SR2831 HD
ANC 750 KB Headset Microphone
ANC 750 KB Headset Microphone
ANC 750 KB Headset Microphone
ANC 750 KB Headset Microphone
ANC 750 KB Headset Microphone
ANC 750 KB Headset Microphone
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Product Details

ANC 750 Headset
Accuracy: 9.6
Noise Filtering: 8
Comfort: 8
Overall: 7
Pros: Includes active noise filtering
Cons: Dated technology that hasn’t changed since the late 90s


Some of our microphones include a built-in USB soundcard. Those that do not, typically include the recommendation to add a proper USB soundcard. This is because the integrated OEM soundcard (that came in your computer) may limit the accuracy of your new professional microphone, or even prevent it from working altogether. 

See our Microphone Comparison Chart for more details regarding microphone performance.


The following PDF links include pictorial step-by-step audio setup guides. Click the appropriate link/s to download a complimentary Microphone Installation Guide


Audio Setup Guide for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 

Audio Setup Guide for WSR

Audio Setup Guide for DragonDictate 




Technical Specifications:
  • Adjustable Headband with Stainless Steel Sliders.
  • Flexible Microphone Boom with Polyester Windsock.
  • Andrea Anti-Noise ® Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Microphone.
  • Comfortable Foam Earcushions.
  • Digital-CD-Quality Binaural Headphone Speakers.
  • Extra Long 7' Shielded Cord with Quick Disconnect, Clothes Clip and 3.5 mm Mini Plugs.
  • Microphone Mute Switch
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