Sennheiser ME 3-II KB Headset Microphone

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A headset microphone of exceptional sound quality, the ME 3-II is intended for music and speech applications (but is excellent for speech recognition) that require maximum movement and close proximity signal reproduction - meaning applications with high on-stage sound present no problem. The headband is comfortable and immovable, enabling use during exertive dance or sports activities. The super-cardioid condenser design offers excellent feedback rejection.
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Out of stock. We recommend substituting the less expensive Audio-Technica Pro 8HEmW ~
Sennheiser ME 3-II KB Headset Microphone
Sennheiser ME 3-II KB Headset Microphone
Sennheiser ME 3-II KB Headset Microphone
Sennheiser ME 3-II KB Headset Microphone
Sennheiser ME 3-II KB Headset Microphone
Sennheiser ME 3-II KB Headset Microphone
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Product Details

Sennheiser ME 3-II (NEW)
Accuracy: 9.9
Noise Filtering: 10
Comfort: 7
Overall: 9
Pros: Rugged
Cons: Comfort

  Favorite microphone of closed captioning professionals and students. 
KnowBrainer Speech Recognition perspective:

Originally intended for musicians the Sennheiser ME 3-II delivers superb accuracy and noise cancellation and is considered one of the first Cadillac microphones for use with speech recognition. The ME 3-II has a comfortable behind the neck wearing style (think reverse eyeglasses) and can be worn for extended periods of time. The ME 3-II has no speakers and requires an appropriate USB soundcard. 



Some of our microphones include a built-in USB soundcard. Those that do not, typically include the recommendation to add a proper USB soundcard. This is because the integrated OEM soundcard (that came in your computer) may limit the accuracy of your new professional microphone, or even prevent it from working altogether.  

See our Microphone Comparison Chart for more details regarding microphone performance.


The following PDF links include pictorial step-by-step audio setup guides. Click the appropriate link/s to download a complimentary Microphone Installation Guide


Audio Setup Guide for Dragon NaturallySpeaking


Audio Setup Guide for WSR

Audio Setup Guide for DragonDictate 

**A KnowBrainer Exclusive that you won't find anywhere else: With purchase of the Sennheiser ME3 microphone, you'll receive a FREE 8" x 9" thickly padded KnowBrainer Neoprene Zippered headset microphone bag and a 6 foot shielded extension cable! ** 

The Sennheiser is rugged, light/comfortable and extremely high quality for both music and speech recognition software. Because this microphone was originally designed for vocalists, it features unheard of noise rejection. To test the Sennheiser's noise cancellation properties we played rock music at 120 decibels which is 30 decibels above safe human listening levels. In other words, live concert levels. We then placed the Sennheiser Headset microphone 1 inch away from the speaker. The microphone rejected all external sounds except for our speaking voice which even we couldn't hear because the music was so loud. You can't ask for better noise cancellation than that. This microphone simply doesn't hear anything but your voice and it can even be worn under a cowboy hat! Note that this microphone does not include playback speakers, which are unnecessary for speech recognition.
Product Features
  • Super-cardioid condenser design capsule
  • Adjustable velcro headband
  • Superb feedback rejection
  • 1/8" 3.5mm connector.
  • Not recommended for use with SoundBlaster PCI or internal soundcards
Please note that the Sennheiser Headset microphone draws more voltage than the average microphone and is not ideally suited for use with integrated sound cards or even Sound Blaster PCI cards. If you're planning on using the Sennheiser Headset microphone for speech recognition we additionally recommend the Andrea Pure Audio MA (external soundcard). The Andrea Pure Audio MA (external soundcard) allows you to connect any computer microphone and convert it to a USB audio device. This ensures high quality audio on any operating system. Used for speech recognition applications, internet telephony and all computer audio applications. 

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