theBoom Pro-3 KB Microphone

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Combining large, high clarity headphones with a more secure, easily positional microphone incorporating the latest UmeVoice patented noise canceling microphone technology, theBoom Pro Series 1 is the latest technology in speech recognition. Excellent background noise cancellation! Industrial strength version of theBoom "O" with one speaker.
Standard Features
Package Options: PC cable for speech recognition use
Price: $265.00
theBoom Pro-3 KB Microphone
theBoom Pro-3 KB Microphone
theBoom Pro-3 KB Microphone
theBoom Pro-3 KB Microphone
theBoom Pro-3 KB Microphone
theBoom Pro-3 KB Microphone
theBoom Pro-3 KB Microphone
theBoom Pro-3 KB Microphone
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Product Details
theBoom Pro 3
Accuracy: 9.8
Noise Filtering: 8
Comfort: 8
Overall: 8
Pros: Includes 2.5 mm three-way plug to support use with wireless landline phones/very rugged
Cons: Substandard manufacturer repairs and communication



Some of our microphones include a built-in USB soundcard. Those that do not, typically include the recommendation to add a proper USB soundcard. This is because the integrated OEM soundcard (that came in your computer) may limit the accuracy of your new professional microphone, or even prevent it from working altogether.

See our Microphone Comparison Chart for more details regarding microphone performance.


The following PDF links include pictorial step-by-step audio setup guides. Click the appropriate link/s to download a complimentary Microphone Installation Guide


Audio Setup Guide for Dragon NaturallySpeaking


Audio Setup Guide for WSR

Audio Setup Guide for DragonDictate 

Love theBoom technology with UmeVoice noise cancellation technology? Now, it just got better! This is the newly designed  version of theBoom "O" with one speaker.
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What is theBoom Pro 2?
TheBoom Pro Series 2 is the latest technology in professional headsets. Built with new engineering designed around comfort and long-term usage in mind, it combines large, high clarity headphones with a more secure, easily positional microphone incorporating the latest UmeVoice patented noise canceling microphone technology.
In comparison to the commercial headsets developed by UmeVoice Inc, the Pro-Series is designed with the long-term user in mind; such as call centers, service centers and dispatch operations. The one-sided version of this headset has been remodeled to incorporate a larger headphone with additional materials to allow for a much smoother feeling on the ear as well as helping define voices, resulting in greater clarity and less ear fatigue.
How is theBoom Pro 2 Different?
The Microphone has been redesigned so that the arm is a thicker, more flexible cable to attune to a wider user base and greatly increasing the range of movement. This mean that although many headsets have a limited range for users, the new Pro 1 model can adjust to any employee while keeping ergonomic comfort at a maximum.
Using the same noise canceling technology that is in theBoom consumer headsets and the UmeCobra military microphone (with a modified thicker boom) helps theBoom Pro maintain its optimum microphone position without requiring adjustment after each use.
Customer frustration is often caused by lack of clarity and background noise when dealing with telephony-based service. With this noise-reduction technology, the employee is capable of not only hearing the customer or coworker with a greater deal of clarity, but also responding without the background noise of call centers thereby improving productivity and creating a much more professional presence for the organization.
By utilizing this technology, not only will the customer feel more personally in touch with the person they are calling, but the employee will also be working in a much more ergonomic and comfortable environment.
theBoom Advantage
  • Unlike our competition, our price includes the PC sound card cable which is required for speech recognition
  • theBoom noise cancelling headsets dramatically reduces the background noise in a busy call center, thereby delivering clear speech and increasing the clarity of the whole communication process.
  • A customer service representative can comfortably whisper in the headset microphone and be clearly heard by the customer. In addition it reduces the noise pollution in the call center thereby increases productivity of each phone call.
  • Our headsets include a universal audio connector that makes it compatible with most call center infrastructure.
  • Our product development team makes every effort to customize our products according to client requirement. theBoom noise canceling technology consists of a sensitivity of 35dBvrms, an impedance of 2,200 Ohms, and frequency of 50-20,000 Hz, and a high S/N ratio.
  • theBoom Quiet office headset comes with active noise reduction so an employee can feel relaxed even when it’s loud and busy around them. Feeling relaxed while at the job will greatly enhance ones concentration and reduce burnout at the end of the day.
Other benefits of using theBoom headsets
theBoom headsets are designed with universal connectivity in mind, and can be used with a wide variety of devices. Adapters are available for most cell phones, home and office phones, PC sound cards, PC/Mac USB ports and PDAs.
theBoom headsets add tremendous value for voice picking as well as communication applications in warehousing and shop floor automation systems.
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