Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.3 - 5 Pack

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5 licenses of Dragon Medical Practice 2.3 at a discounted price.
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.3 - 5 Pack
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.3 - 5 Pack
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.3 - 5 Pack
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.3 - 5 Pack
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All copies of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.3 ship with a hard copy of our exclusive Dragon Medical Installation & Training Guide and a KnowBrainer Neoprene Zippered Microphone Carry Bag as well as a Full Version of KnowBrainer 2017 (the world's #1 selling third-party command utility) MSRP $199 which makes Dragon NaturallySpeaking/Medical both easier to use and more efficient. To find out more about KnowBrainer click What is KnowBrainer ~ What is KnowBrainer

All copies of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 will also be covered by (limited lifetime support) Phone Support, E-mail Support and Virtual Onsite Support.

Impressive advances have been made in both microphones (such as SpeechWare 9-in-1 TableMike & the Philips Speechmike Premium LFH-3500 (w/ Exclusive TABLEMIKE KIT)) and digital recorders (such as the Olympus DS-7000 & the Philips DPM-8000 Professional Digital Pocket Memo LFH-8000) in the last 2 years. Working with out of date microphones and recorders can detrimentally effect your efficiency with Dragon Medical. If speech recognition is important to your workflow, we recommend checking out our new Microphone Comparison Chart where you can view our latest microphone test results which compare pricing, accuracy, noise cancellation, features and even comfort.

The initial cost of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is considerably high but should be thought of more as an investment that will quickly pay for itself. How much time do you spend typing, how good of a typist are you? How much time do you spend correcting typos? How much time you spend performing repetitive computer tasks that can be automated with time saving macros? How valuable is your time? Are you paying a medical transcription company? Most importantly, would you like to dictate directly in your EMR? Although Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 will run on Windows XP, we recommend Windows 7/8 64-bit and minimally 8 Gb of RAM. We prefer Intel-based i7 quad core processors & with new computers we recommend 16 Gb of RAM for upcoming technology. The actual speed of the processor is unimportant but the amount L2 cache plays a significant role.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 will:

Improve Care Efficiency

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 offers virtually instant response time, saving clinicians valuable minutes in their day – no more waiting for transcribed reports or needing to type into their EHRs.
Reduce Transcription and the Cost of Documentation

Using speech recognition technology, clinicians dictate, edit and sign medical records at the point of care, eliminating as much as $12,000 in annual transcription costs.
Allow Physicians to Spend More Time with Patients

Increased accuracy means fewer errors to correct, which lets clinicians spend more time with patients, improving both quality of care and patient satisfaction.
Improve Documentation

Documentation with Dragon Medical speech recognition technology
– as opposed to notes built by point-and-click EHR templates alone
– results in higher rates of reimbursement.
Keep Patient Information Secure

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 supports HIPAA patient confidentiality guidelines.
Improve Physician Satisfaction

With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, physicians look forward to practicing medicine – and getting home in time for dinner.
Increase Reimbursement

A major study by a physician practice in the Northeast determined that using Dragon Medical with an EHR increases per-physician reimbursement by $10,000 per year per physician.

New Features:

Recognition Log:
  • Administrators can obtain a recognition log file for each end-user, to easily and quickly gather rich, objective usage information which can be used to give users targeted advice and measure return on investment.

Transcription, Streamlined:

  • Dragon Medical'sAuto-Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA) manages the flow of transcribed text and synchronized audio of digital voice recordings to streamline third-party review and correction. In version 2, Dragon's ATFA:
  • Supports .DOC and .RTF as output formats, in addition to .TXT
  • Can run a script (such as an email notification) when a transcription is complete *
  • Note: The "Roaming” configuration allows dictation and third-party correction from different network locations and computing devices while ensuring centralized management of master user profiles.

Export Custom Words:

  • You can choose to export word properties in XML format when you export custom word lists for reuse in other user profiles.

Remote Desktop Connection:

  • Use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2Without Installing It Locally. Dragon now supports remote use on a computer running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 Ultimate. With Microsoft's free Remote Desktop Connection software (formerly called Terminal Services Client), you can use Dragon from a local Windows computer on which Dragon itself is not installed. While Dragon is running on the server, multiple Windows clients can use it simultaneously.

Even More Accurate

  • Improved Accuracy: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 delivers up to a 20% improvement in out-of-box accuracy compared to Dragon Medical Practice Edition. This means that Dragon gets you, and you get things done, faster than ever. And when you do need to make a correction, Dragon learns, making it more accurate the more that you use it.

Faster Than Ever

  • Faster Processors Yield Faster Performance: If you use Dragon on a computer with multi-core processors and more than 4 GB of RAM, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 automatically selects the BestMatch V speech model for you when you create your user profile in order to deliver faster performance.
  • Better performance: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 boosts performance by delivering easier correction and editing options, and giving you more control over your command preferences, letting you get things done faster than ever before.

Enhanced Web Mail

  • Enhanced Experience with Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook.com: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 enhances the experience of using your voice with the most popular web-based email applications — Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook.com — offering Full Text Control and commands for the most frequent actions in Internet Explorer (32-bit, versions 9 and 10), Firefox and Chrome (for an up-to-date list of supported browsers, please visit our KnowledgeBase.

Keeping up with New Releases

  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 includes support for some of the latest and greatest recent releases, including Windows 8, Office 2013, and Internet Explorer 10.

Interactive Tutorial

  • Interactive Tutorial: Proposed at the end of profile creation and available any time from the Help menu, the Interactive Tutorial in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 offers short progressive simulations to help you practice good dictation, correction and editing habits so that you can create text efficiently within just a few minutes. Even experienced Dragon users can benefit from the Interactive Tutorial.

Wideband Bluetooth Support

  • Enhanced Bluetooth Support: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 adds support for wideband Bluetooth wireless headset microphones, and you can get up and running quickly. When it detects that the USB dongle of a certified microphone is plugged into the PC, Dragon 12 offers "Enhanced Bluetooth” as an audio source type and does not require a script reading to get started. (Available in Premium Edition and above).

Option to Automate the Dictation Box

  • Dragon can automatically display this resizable intermediary box when you dictate into a text field for which it does not have Full Text Control; that way, you can enjoy Dragon capabilities such as Direct Editing commands and capitalization of the first word. (You can disable or enable this on the Miscellaneous tab of the Options dialog.)

Smart Format Rules

  • Smart Format Rules: Dragon now reaches out to you to adapt upon detecting your format corrections – abbreviations, numbers, and more — so your dictated text looks the way you want it to every time.

More Natural Text-to-Speech

  • More Natural Text-to-Speech Voice: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2'snatural-sounding Text-To-Speech reads editable text—with fast-forward, rewind and speed and volume control—for easy proofing and multi-tasking. (Available in Home Edition and Above).

Faster Correction

  • Correction: When it comes to correcting a word or phrase, Dragon Medical now includes more choices to make it quicker and easier to make a change.

Dragon Medical Remote Mic – Now for Android

  • Dragon Remote Microphone App for iOS and now Android: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 lets you go wireless with an iOS or Android device and the free Dragon Remote Microphone App. Turn your compatible iPhone, iPod touch (4th gen), iPad or Android device into a wireless microphone for use with Dragon over a WiFi network. And it's easier than ever to get started – simply use the camera on your device to scan the barcode that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 provides on-screen. (Available in Home Edition and above).

The most widely used and successful speech recognition solution in medical practices around the country. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition has been selected by more than 180,000 clinicians worldwide to document care directly in and electronic health record (EHR).

Dictate Medical findings directly into any Windows®- based EHR three times faster than most people type, with up to 99% accuracy. Use voice commands to navigate quickly within an EHR to review test results or dictate a prescription. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition includes vocabularies that cover nearly 60 medical specialties and sub specialties, and supports HIPAA compliance guidelines. Dragon Medical Practice Edition helps you raise the quality of care while making your practice more efficient and profitable.

Making EHRs easy to use by significantly reducing the number of mouse clicks and typing, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition enables clinicians to document care much more efficiently.

Dragon Medical works with most windows-based EHRs such as Epic®, Cerner®, GE®, McKesson® and many more listed below which self-report compatibility to EHRscope.com. Note that EHRscope.com is not a Nuance-sponsored site, and therefore Nuance has not validated claims made by vendors regarding compatibility with Dragon Medical.

  • A.I.med EMR By Acrendo Software, Inc.
  • ABELMed EHR - EMR / PM By ABEL Medical Software Inc.
  • Abraxas EMR By Abraxas Medical Solutions
  • Accel™ By CliniWorks™, Inc.
  • AdvantaChart™ By AdvantaChart, Inc.
  • Agastha Medical Records (EMR) By Agastha, Inc.
  • AllMeds EMR System By AllMeds, Inc.
  • Amazing Charts By AmazingCharts.com, Inc.
  • ARIA™ Oncology Information System By Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Centricity® By GE Healthcare
  • ChartCare EMR By CHARTCARE, Inc.
  • ChartEvolve By The CIMS Group
  • ChartLogic EMR By ChartLogic, Inc.
  • ChartMaker® By STI Computer Services, Inc.
  • ChartWare® By Chartware, Inc.
  • Clinical Navigator By Systemedx, Inc.
  • CureMD PRS® By CureMD PRS®
  • CYRAMED™ By Mountain Medical Technologies, Inc.
  • DC Talk™ By JR Consulting
  • digiChart® By digiChart, Inc.
  • Doc-U-Chart for the Tablet PC® By Doc-U-Chart
  • DoctorAssistant By HealthHighway™.com, Inc.
  • Doctors Choice EMR™ & Nurses Choice EMR™ By EMRSystems
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  • Dragon® Medical By Dragon® Medical
  • e-MDs Solution Series By e-MDs, Inc.
  • e-Medsys™ Electronic Health Record By PracticeOne, LLC
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  • Electronic Patient Charts By American Medical Software
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  • EndoSoft® By Utech Products, Inc.
  • EpicCare Ambulatory EMR By Epic Systems Corp.
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Now Includes 90 Specialized vocabularies for Physicians:
  • Addiction Psychiatry
  • Allergy and Immunology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Chiropractic
  • Colon and Rectal Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism
  • ENT
  • Epidemiology
  • Family Medicine
  • Fetal Medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Medical
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Hand Surgery
  • Hematology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Education and Writing
  • Midwifery
  • Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine
  • Nephrology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oral and Facial Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Osteopathy
  • Pain Medicine
  • Pathology
  • Pediatric Cardiology
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Pediatric Gastronenterology
  • Pediatrics
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Pulmonary Disease
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Radiology
  • Rheumatology
  • Sleep Lab
  • Speech and Lanquage Pathology
  • Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Urology
  • Vascular and Interventional Radiology
  • Vascular Surgery
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