Buddy 7G USB Sound Card / Discontinued

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Buddy 7G™ technology is the only USB soundcard on the market that includes 2 separate DSP processors which completely isolates sound input from output. The Buddy 7G™ is embedded in a hardware micro-processor and uses Windows®, Mac® or Linux® built-in drivers. The new and highly effective, real-time adaptive, noise-cancellation DSP technology FilteredAudio™ is also embedded in the same micro-processors.
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Discontinued on site. Replaced by the more economically priced Andrea Full Duplex PureAudio USB-SA.
Buddy 7G USB Sound Card / Discontinued
Buddy 7G USB Sound Card / Discontinued
Buddy 7G USB Sound Card / Discontinued
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Buddy USB 7G™ Sound Pod is our seventh-generation USB adapter with a built-in high-quality sound card that replaces a desktop or laptop computer’s sound card for high performance speech sound input and output. Speech Recognition applications on the PC rely on good-quality sound input to perform at peak efficiency. The Buddy 7G USB Sound Pod has been redesigned with new noise cancelling algorithms! Plug-And-Play operation works right out of the box.
Buddy 7G™ technology is the only USB soundcard on the market that includes 2 separate DSP processors which completely isolates sound input from output. Other PCI and USB soundcards combine sound input and output by sharing a single DSP processor which doesn't fully isolate the sound and results in lowering the overall accuracy when sound output leaks into the input. Any USB soundcard works well for sound input but if you additionally require constant sound playback for music or transcription purposes, this is the sound card for you.

Most PCs today have a built-in sound card or chipset, often placed close to noisy electrical circuitry such as the power supply or chips working at very high frequencies. This problem is particularly common in laptop computers.
Buddy USB 7G™ has the unique advantage of being largely immune to these noises as it is external to the computer chassis. It offers full duplex operation for connection with a microphone and speakers that are well-suited to speech recognition applications

  • Full duplex high-quality sound card especially designed for voice-related applications such as speech recognition and VOIP
  • Incorporates 2 independent DSP chips
  • Based on 7G, our seventh generation of USB technology backed by over ten years of experience
  • Built-in audio filters for noise cancellation
  • Completely independent sampling rates for recording and playback
  • USB HID interface for seamless integration with third-party applications without the use of drivers or additional software
  • Fully customizable using our free MyBuddyMic™ support and diagnostic utility
  • On-site firmware upgrade for future enhancements
  • Replaces a desktop or portable computer’s built-in sound card for high-performance speech applications
  • Tested with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking®, Microsoft® speech technologies, and other voice related applications
Who are the Best Candidates for the Buddy 7G:
  • Anyone who requires simultaneous sound input and output, such as transcriptionists
  • Anyone using a table (desktop) microphone
  • Anyone who occasionally coughs or clears their throat
  • Anyone who needs to extend the pickup distance of their microphone
  • Anyone whose partner doesn't care that you're trying to dictate while they run the vacuum

Technical Specs:

Digital Signal Processing
Specialized electronics provide filters for noise cancellation (including DC component, high-pass, and low-pass filters) to restrict the audio signal within the usable range as required by speech engines. Higher frequencies than those which can be used by these engines are normally counterproductive. There is no additional software to install -- all required drivers are already present in current versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac, and Linux operating systems. All audio filters, DSP, and configuration are stored within the device itself. The use of noise-cancellation electronics yields extremely high recognition accuracy (in the high nineties) with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
The Buddy USB 7G™ Sound Pod includes a push button and indicator lights. Although the lights are set by default to show power status and microphone mute status, all dynamic features ( button, lights, and noise-cancellation algorithms) are customizable using our free downloadable support software, MyBuddyMic™. For example, the button can be customized to behave as a Push-To-Talk button or Mute toggle, and can even control a Dragon NaturallySpeaking microphone directly. Additionally, the button can perform three different operations depending on how it is pressed (i.e. Click, Double-Click and Hold). Each one of these operations is mutually exclusive. Similarly, the lights can be reprogrammed to indicate whatever state might be of interest to the user.
Default Functionality
Connectors on the Buddy USB 7G™ Sound Pod conform to PC-99 standards and accept 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo audio connectors. A green LED light near the cable is programmed by default to indicate power and operational readiness. Another RGB LED near the connectors is programmed by default to display microphone mute status. The push button is programmed by default to mute the microphone when attached to the microphone connector.
ExpressCard Interface
ExpressCard technology is designed to deliver high-performance, modular expansion for both desktop and notebook computers at a lower cost and in a smaller form factor. ExpressCard Advantages:
  • A smaller, faster PC card solution
  • Suitable for both mobile and desktop systems


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