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"Philips SpeechMike 3500"

on 9/12/2014 4:37:59 PM

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Review Description: I have been using my new Philips SpeechMike 3500 for about one week now and I, too, am very impressed. It is providing some of the best recognition accuracy of any of my previous microphones. One feature that truly impresses me is that when the microphone is held parallel to the ground, or laid down on a desk, the microphone is turned off which is very convenient for when people walk in to the office, etc. The microphone itself is very light to hold. It does not include the mouse wheel from previous SpeechMikes, which initially I thought was a drawback, but to replace the mouse wheel, the mouse "trackball"is now clickable (configured as a left mouse button) and Philips has provided, as an option, the use of function 1 through 3 buttons configured for scrolling page up, page down, and continuous scrolling in combination with the trackball. Hence, I've decided that the mouse wheel on the earlier models really wasn't needed after all on this new model. I really think that Philips has hit the mark with the introduction of the 3500.